Dalmatian Classic

Our goal is to make everyone feel like they are a CHAMPION!

  • We have beautiful custom designed medals and awards
  • We have professional custom made score cards with custom ribbons attached
  • We have inexpensive souvenir balloon greetings
  • Every gymnast gets a gift
  • Every gymnast leaves with a minimum of a scorecard, 4 ribbons & a trophy!
  • Teams of 3 or more, who enter, leave with a custom banner

All Levels $95

TEAM: $55 per Team min 3


Our Goal

2019 Meet Fees

Final Meet Entry, along with FULL payment is due by 12/1/18 *NOTE - meet may be filled by then!

Refunds for ANY reason will be given up to 12/1/18, after this date, we can only have replacements.